GET INVOLVED: Register Your Organisation for Heritage Open Days 2019

Register your organisation’s event by 1 August 2019.

The year’s Heritage Open Day will run from the 13 to 22 September, under the theme ‘People Power.’ If you have a special event planned, or would like to join in, you have until the 1 August 2019 to register your organisation’s event to be part of Heritage Open Days 2019 official programme and be part of their national publicity programme.

Heritage Open Days (HODs) have been running for 25 years and are part of a Europe-wide festival of buildings, historic sites and heritage. They now attract a total of 3 million visitors a year and contribute around £20 million to local economies. Your event doesn’t need to be big or fancy, it just needs to meet the four conditions below:

1. Entrance must be FREE! If you intend to raise money over Heritage Open Days, there are various ways of doing so but admission to the main attraction of your event has to be free of charge. Running a free tour if visitors have to pay a site entrance fee doesn’t count!

2. Offer something special – one or more of the following: open a site or part of a site that isn’t usually open to the public; offer free entry to a usually charging site/activity; if your site is open free of charge all year round – then something out of the ordinary, such as activities or a competition, or have other groups showcase their work (eg. artists, choirs, local history societies)

3. Provide some form of information – Heritage Open Days visitors want to learn something new. You can support their exploration by providing: guided tours, talks, info flyers, quizzes, exhibitions, or skill demonstrations.

4. Take place within the festival dates – the festival falls across the second full weekend of September and your event must take place at some point during this time. However, it doesn’t have to be open on all days or even for a full day.

To find our more about this year’s event and how to get involved and register, Click Here.

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