About Us

Read about the NWFED’s history and how we are evolving to meet the needs of all museum, gallery and heritage people working within the region

Image courtesy, Gallery Oldham

NWFed (formerly the North West Federation of Museums and Art Galleries) is one of ten federations in the UK and was the first to be founded in 1927. The group exists to support all people working in, or with a professional interest in, museums, art galleries and heritage organisations in the North West and Isle of Man, including volunteers. It provides for their development, advocates for their work and strengthens them through partnerships.

The NWFED has become a company limited by guarantee and has charitable trust status since 2009. This means that the NWFED remains a grass roots organisation, but it can apply for grants for which it was not previously eligible.

The NWFED works with regional and national partners to support its work, including: