The Atkinson holds a shrimping cart in its collection that has recently been conserved by local craftsman Phill Gregson. This cart will be going onto display in the new museum space in 2015 along with associated objects. The plan was always to take the newly restored cart out for one last fishing trip before it went onto display which would be filmed and the story played onto screens in the gallery. However, a couple of months back, the BBC’s Countryfile got involved. They filmed Phill at his workshop making and hooping new wheels for the vehicle, filmed the new wheels being put on in the foyer of the Atkinson and then the actual fishing on Ainsdale Beech. This footage will  was shown on Sunday the 13th of April on BBC 1 at 7pm.

Shrimping is an ancient tradition in Southport with a rich heritage. At the last count there was approximately 30 people still involved in shrimping. In the early 1900’s there was 300. Southport is thought good for shrimping as the water is very sandy.  The people who carry out shrimping are locally called shankers.