Feedback from 1st NWFED Rethinking the Museum Networking event @Norton Priory,10th June 2011

This was the first in the series of  6 networking events the NWFED is offering to its members.

All events are planned to respond to the themes raised in Rethinking the Museum and to explore new ways of working see thinkpieces.

We would like to thank the Norton Priory team and Halton Borough Council for the excellent presentations and their willingness and honesty in sharing their experiences of working in partnership. Ideas and issues discussed included:

Norton Priory as a hub for the local community;  the museum is a museum of people.

The local authority’s move away  from day centres service for disabled people to creating real opportunities for training and learning with the view to full employment and independence.

A unique partnership embedded in the culture of the museum.

Create a strong business plan for the partnership: set targets. budgets, decide on  resources and ensure ongoing communication between partners, review of visitors feedback.

Be prepared to change your culture.

Be flexible and creative, exploit all contacts and new ideas.

Feedback from participants about the new format of our networking events has been excellent. Everyone felt that there was greater oppportunity to interact with the presenters and to learn from each other than in a formal training day. We look forward to future events and meeting other NWFED members. For future events please visit our website regularly.

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  1. Jo McGuire says:

    Great to hear that the day went well. Good job Steve.

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