Arts Council England (ACE) have clarified their plans for 2015-18 funding, to reassure the sector that Museum Development will continue to be funded in the coming years, following a recent report that it would cease. There will be:

A slight increase in the Major Partner Museums (MPM) budget.
An Open Fund of around £10 million a year, with a lower bottom limit to allow wider access.
A smaller sum of strategic funding which includes continued funding for Museum Development.

John Orna-Ornstein, Director of Museums at ACE, has confirmed to AIM that there is no cut intended in museum development in particular, although there is a slight reduction in the overall fund for all museum project strands.

The MPMs fund expands slightly to give better regional coverage and more obligation to act in leadership roles.

The Strategic Fund will transition into an ‘Open Fund’ with a value of some £10 million, but with lower thresholds to give wider accessibility to smaller museums.

Further information will be in the January issue of the AIM E-News and subsequent AIM Bulletins. Arts Council’s guidance on 2015-18 funding can be found here