View NWFED event presentations, the business plan, board minutes and information about our constitution. This section of the website also includes publications by Renaissance North West, and various reports about grants and projects.


View past NWFED event presentations, the business plan, board minutes, past resources from our partner organisations and information about our constitution. This section of the website also includes past publications by Renaissance North West, and various reports about grants and projects.


If you understand the importance of knowing who your audience is, but are struggling to gather the needed data, MDNW’s Knowing Your Audience Training Programme can help you: Download Resource

This retail toolbox for museums contains simple tips to help you and your team maximise your gift shop’s potential and has activities contained in five modules that are based on high street retail best practices: Download Resource

As budgets are squeezed across the sector, this guide for reducing operating costs and improving sustainability, including a five-step plan for institutions and 205 initiatives to help get you started: Download Resource

A publication which looks specifically at Collections Reviews carried out across the North West. Unlike other national reviews, this publications looks specifically at regionally dispersed collections: Download Resource

This toolkit is an introduction to contemporary collecting, for museum staff and volunteers who don’t have direct experience of acquiring recent material and who want to understand the basics. It aims to provide advice and guidance on how to undertake contemporary collecting projects, outlining some of the practical considerations that need to be made and showcasing examples from museums: Download Resource

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Developed jointly by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM), this guide – Culture and Local Development: Maximising the Impact – Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums – provides a roadmap for local governments, communities, and museums on how to define together a local development agenda that promotes a more sustainable future by mobilising the transformative power of culture: Download Resource


Museums Matter describes how museums are uniquely able to make such a significant impact because of their collections, their buildings and the expertise of their staff. It argues that museums preserve, promote and protect one of the few irreplaceable public assets, the nation’s heritage, which is fundamental to maintaining a healthy and prosperous civil society: Download Resource


A toolkit from the History of Place project, this resource is a ‘how to’ guide for organisations wanting to engage deaf and disabled young people: Download Resource

Created by the Roundhouse, Guided by Young Voices explains how to include young people on your board and in your decision making processes: Download Resource

This publications gives you top tips to help you understand how your organisation can become more accessible and welcoming to families and young people who are blind or partially sighted: Download Resource (also available in large print – Download Resource)

Created in partnership with Climate Museum UK, Happy Museum Project and Julie’s Bicycle, this report sets out to explain how your museum can support children and young people to understand and respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergency: Download Resource

Another set of top tips on how your organisation can become more accessible and welcoming to families and young people with autism: Download Resource

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This series of case studies were collected from Croatia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. The Creative Museum – Analysis of best practices from Europe represents a range of ways in which museums are creative or offer room for creativity: Download Resource

This publication presents relevant themes discussed during the international seminar of the same name held in Helsinki, Finland in May 2015. New Approaches NOW – From Museum Education to Audience Engagement contains a collection of solutions and ideas on audiences and audience engagement as it is shifting from the “traditional” matter of museum education to the museum as a whole in response to new societal demands: Download Resource

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Collections Trust has just completed a set of ‘pathways’ to guide you through digitising your collections. They join many other handy ‘digital pathways’ curated and hosted by Culture24. Starting with an overview of what’s involved, the new pathways answers the common questions you are likely to have about digitisation. They were commissioned by The National Archives on behalf of the digitised collections taskforce convened by DCMS as part of its Culture is Digital work.

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Arts, Health and Wellbeing with Jo Ward, at The Atkinson Art Centre, Southport, 12 November 2014: Download Resource 1, Download Resource 2

Moving Heavy Objects, Presentation by Rachel Rimmer, Collections Care Manager at the Museum of Science and Industry, 24 June 2014: Download Resource

LGBT representation in museums and heritage to celebrate the International Day against Homophobia, at the Museum of Science and Industry, 19 May 2014: Download Resource

Getting it Right, Changes to the National Curriculum, at the Museum of Liverpool, 31 October 2013:

Context, threats and opportunities, Nick Winterbotham, Chairman of GEM

Getting it Right, Amanda Moore, Katy Melville, Warrington Museum

NWFED Take One Picture Partnership with Edge Hill College

Splinter Design presentation, Harnessing the Power of Social Media at the Museum of Liverpool, 15 January 2013: Download Resource

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