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COMMENT: Arts fundraising – a job not just for fundraisers

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Back in February, the Guardian Cultural Professionals Network released an interesting article which brought together comments from four arts and culture professionals who are either directly or indirectly involved in fundraising for their organisation.  An interesting read, the article communicates how important it is for an organisations whole team to be involved in their fundraising strategy.

Below are some of the key points made by each of the professionals who contributed to the article:

Shonagh Manson, Director, Jerwood Charitable Foundation

“You are fundraising all the time … even if you’re not a fundraiser by role.  We all know fundraising is about building relationships. It’s about understanding who you’re talking with and about communicating compellingly, which means getting to know and being genuinely interested in people and organisations.”

Jane Marriott, Deputy Director, Hepworth Wakefield

“Fundraising is about inspiring a potential supporter, timing your “ask” perfectly and telling a compelling story about your organisation. It’s about being open and responsive to the motivations and passions of donors.”

Lucy Perman, Executive Director, Clean Break

“Remember that everyone is a fundraiser. Make sure that your whole team can tell the story – volunteers, trustees, partners, community, staff and other funders. You never know who they might meet, at a party, on a train, in a lift! Every chance encounter is an opportunity to spread your message.”

Aaron Wright, Programme Coordinator, Live Art Development Agency

“Consider how your fundraising strategies might be informed by your artistic programme. Does the way you’re fundraising match the ethos of your organisation? Think creatively and consider involving artists in your fundraising efforts.”

To read the full article originally published in The Guardian, Click Here.