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NEWS: Zooming-in on Manx National Heritage’s Collections

Friday, April 29th, 2016

iMuseum Logo

Manx National Heritage, the organisation responsible for protecting and promoting the Isle of Man’s heritage and culture, has come up with a brand new iMuseum giving its online audiences an even better view of the nation’s history and collections.

As well as the collections, the iMuseum is the Isle of Man’s definitive online family history resource with free access to fully-searchable names indexes transcribed from original archives.  Working with Knowledge Integration (  and Gooii ( on an elastic search index and WordPress solution, Manx National Heritage’s iMuseum now offers more exciting and flexible ways of searching, sorting and displaying the nation’s collections, including easy ‘share this’ social media links, a collecitons blog and a real-time visitor comments facility.  But perhaps most exciting in this new phase of iMuseum is the release for the first time of zoomable images.  Drawing directly from high-resolution digital images, users can zoom-in on thousands of images from the Photographic Archive and Art Collection.

iMuseum sees Manx National Heritage join a recognised online heritage community with Knowledge Integration delivering similar solutions to the Museum of London, Royal Museums Greenwich, National Museum Wales, Imperial War Museum, Fitzwilliam Museum and Norfolk Museums Service.  iMuseum shares its collections with a number of online partners including Art-UK, Archives Hub, Archaeology Data Service, Ancestry and FamilySearch.

In the next few months iMuseum will incorporate responsive design making it better suited to smart phone and tablet technology and the island’s important motorsport database for the annual TT and Manx Grand Prix motorcycle races recording riders and races (1907-2015) will be added to iMuseum, celebrating a remarkable sporting heritage.

Edmund Southworth, Director, Manx National Heritage, says:

“iMuseum is an excellent opportunity for us to manage and make our extensive collections more accessible to the Manx public as well as an off island audience.  It extends the reach and potential audience for our collections and offers us a greater ability to effectively promote ourselves worldwide and create a platform for a greater understanding of the Island’s heritage and culture.”

For more information about iMuseum or to offer feedback, contact Jude Dicken (MNH Collections Information Officer):

NEWS: Manx National Heritage Produces Peel Castle Guide as part of Site series

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

MNH Digital Image Library

NWFed Members, Manx National Heritage, have been busy working with the team at Isle of Man Advertising & PR towards the design and production of a new series of guidebooks. The new series, funded by the Manx Museum and National Trust, are being researched by Manx National Heritage staff to help promote the island’s heritage and unlock the history behind its numerous heritage sites.

Having just launched the second book in the series, ‘Explore Peel Castle’, Edmund Southworth, Director of Manx National Heritage explained a little more about the book:

Peel Castle is one of the most important historic and religious sites in the British Isles, attracting a significant number of resident and international visitors during the season. The guidebook will not only improve the visitor experience by offering a greater understanding of the site and its historical significance, but will also prove to be effective documentation of our research and understanding of the site itself.”

A 40-page book featuring a number of previously unpublished images and new illustrations by local artist Julia Ashby Smyth as well as images from the Manx National Heritage museum archives, the book is a detailed study not only of the medieval Castle itself, but also tells the story of the historic site of St Patrick’s Isle.  Also including details of several excavations which took place during the 20th century, the publication ‘lifts the lid’ on the Island’s history.

The further four books in the series will include a detailed guide to the collections of the Manx Museum, including some of its leading exhibits, as well as the four Castletown sites (Castle Rushen, Old Grammar School, Old House of Keys and the Nautical Museum, the island’s Southern sites (including Cregneash and Rushen Abbey) and the Grove Museum, Ramsey.

Explore Peel Castle, priced at £5.95, can be ordered online at and is available from all MNH retail sites, including the House of Manannan and Manx Museum. 

MEMBER EXHIBITIONS: The Vikings are Coming! Jorvik Heroes Exhibition at the Man Museum

Thursday, December 10th, 2015



For their latest exhibition offering, the Manx National Heritage continues its partnership with the York Archaeological Trust in their exciting Viking exhibition Heroes, which tells the stories of eight ‘celebrities’ of the Viking world.

Delving into the world of Viking myth to uncover the superpowers of the gods such as Thor and Odin through story and play in an interactive area, the exhibition tells the story of numerous other Viking legends including Eric Bloodaxe, King Knut the Great, Harald Bluetooth and Leif the Lucky, and some famous Viking women including Aud the Deep-minded.

Visitors can explore how these Viking ‘Heroes’ were celebrated and commemorated through the stories and myths that surround them by looking at archaeology, sagas, stone carvings and burials of the Viking Age. The exhibition will also feature a Viking Age skeleton displaying the battle injuries of a warrior, replica commemoration stones.

King Orry

The exhibition’s main feature is the story of Godred Crovan, also known as King Orry, who made three attempts to capture the Isle of Man and bring it under his rule. When he finally did, Godred went on to reign for 16 years. A wise and powerful ruler, he extended his power beyond the Island, subduing Dublin and the east coast of Ireland, and so dominating the Irish Sea.