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NEWS: Museum Freecycle

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

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Many of you will have heard of the website Freecycle; a space where unwanted items are listed and exchanged to give them a new lease of life in the homes of others.  Since June 2014, the site has hosted a museum specific group aptly named – The Museum Freecycle which has continued to flourish and now has around 500 museum members finding homes for unwanted fittings, mannequins and other museum paraphernalia.

Museum Freecycle offers an online tool for recycling unwanted exhibition materials and donating them to a good home. In addition to this museums are also able to post requests for items that may be needed. Museum Freecycle aims to reduce exhibition waste and save museums money in the long run, it also offers the opportunity to connect institutions which may otherwise have not contacted each other.


The brainchild of architects and exhibition designers Urban Salon and is supported by the Collections Trust and SHARE Museums East, the group is carefully moderated to ensure that only museum professionals are approved as members, providing assurance that your unwanted exhibition materials will be going to another museum who needs them.

Open for use by all museum professionals, the group is free to join and is proving to be very popular with listed objects being snapped up quickly and new homes found within days. The Natural History Museum’s five donation boxes are being recycled by Bloxham Village Museum, Dudley Canal Trust, The Garden Museum and Novium. Furthermore, Braintree District Museum has provided a new home to seven mannequins which the Design Museum no longer needed.

To join the Museum Freecycle Community or find out more about the project, Click Here.