The Revised Happy Museum Manifesto Principles and Happy Museum free workshops

The Happy Museum Paper concluded with an 8 point ‘manifesto’ intended as a guide for museums wishing to embrace well-being and sustainability (for fuller details click here). Following the experience of 12 UK museums road-testing the principles we’ve now distilled them from eight down to six.
First Iteration Second Iteration
  1. Make People Happy
  2. Pursue Mutual Relationships
  3. Value the environment, the past, the present, the future
  4. Measure what matters
  5. Lead on Innovation for transition
  6. Think global and be networked
  7. Support Learning for Resilience
  8. Find your niche
  1. Create conditions for wellbeing
  2. Pursue mutual relationships
  3. Value the environment and be a steward of the future as well as the past
  4. Be an active citizen
  5. Learn for resilience
  6. Measure what matters
Read more about the new principles and the thinking behind them in Tony’s BLOG.

Happy Museum – Open Workshops

Tuesday 9th April – Great Northern Museum, Newcastle

Tuesday 16th April – Fazeley Studios, Birmingham

The Happy Museum is holding its first open workshops this April in the North East and Midlands. The events will provide an opportunity for those interested in the programme to connect with its ideas and practice.  We will be joined at the events by Paul Allen, Director of External Relations at the Centre for Alternative Technology, as well as representatives of Happy Museum Commissioned Projects.

To RSVP for either or both of the free events visit the following Eventbrite sites: Newcastle or Birmingham. We may be able to release extra places if there is sufficient interest. There will be a £50 charge for cancellations made within the last week. If you would like more information, please email us on

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