For their latest exhibition offering, the Manx National Heritage continues its partnership with the York Archaeological Trust in their exciting Viking exhibition Heroes, which tells the stories of eight ‘celebrities’ of the Viking world.

Delving into the world of Viking myth to uncover the superpowers of the gods such as Thor and Odin through story and play in an interactive area, the exhibition tells the story of numerous other Viking legends including Eric Bloodaxe, King Knut the Great, Harald Bluetooth and Leif the Lucky, and some famous Viking women including Aud the Deep-minded.

Visitors can explore how these Viking ‘Heroes’ were celebrated and commemorated through the stories and myths that surround them by looking at archaeology, sagas, stone carvings and burials of the Viking Age. The exhibition will also feature a Viking Age skeleton displaying the battle injuries of a warrior, replica commemoration stones.

King Orry

The exhibition’s main feature is the story of Godred Crovan, also known as King Orry, who made three attempts to capture the Isle of Man and bring it under his rule. When he finally did, Godred went on to reign for 16 years. A wise and powerful ruler, he extended his power beyond the Island, subduing Dublin and the east coast of Ireland, and so dominating the Irish Sea.