There has been a lot of discussion lately on the importance of partnerships within our sector and beyond. Following the NMDC meeting at the end of January on national partnerships and the ICOM Uk conference on international partnerships in London,  the Cumbria Museums Consortium organised the Power of Partnerships conference to reflect on current practices and to demonstrate the evidence of thriving new models of work. 

The event was well attended and it was a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues but I could not help thinking that there was scope to use the conference to perhaps explore new ways of working and facilitate more discussion among delegates. Perhaps a little reflection was needed on the ways forward especially when  most of the partnerships discussed are relying on ACE funding.

Out of all the presentations the one that really stood out for me because it conveyed the passion and the challenges of working outside your sector was Esme Ward’s  from the Manchester Museum and the Whitworth Art Gallery. Esme gave an honest account of the learning involved for all sides when working in new environments and with different professionals as well as the importance of a pragmatic approach to what works.

To view the presentations from the conference click here