Join us for our next online In Conversation event for members,
focusing on Co-curation & Film in Museums

Thursday 20th April 2023, 1.00 – 2.00 pm

Following last year’s highly successful In Conversation on Co-Production and Working with Communities, we return to the same theme for our next online lunchtime event, this time looking at community engagement in film and audio-visual exhibits. We are delighted to welcome presentations on two outstanding examples of film co-production from the North West:

Hair, by Andy Hardman, Belle Vue Productions, and Otis Graham for World Museum, Liverpool.
Andy is an academic and film maker who worked as film partner for the World Museum in Liverpool as they reinterpreted their World Cultures galleries, bringing in new voices and perspectives from local communities. Otis Graham is a local constituent of the museum. Their film, Hair, was co-produced by Otis and Andy and concerns the museum’s collections and their personal meanings to Otis as a lifelong visitor. The story elucidates hidden meanings of the museum’s collections and sheds light on the under-examined feelings that even seemingly innocuous objects can trigger.

Pardesi Raga, by Alina Akbar, for the South Asia Gallery, Manchester Museum.
Alina is a visual artist and storyteller. With one ear to the streets of Manchester and another to the subcontinent, Pardesi Raga takes us on a tour of her interpretation of east and west, reflecting on the variety of generational sounds transmitted via collective experiences and everyday interaction. Developed in dialogue with her family, the documentary-style footage provides a backdrop for a symphony of sounds. Intergenerational perspectives create a temporary sanctuary from the feelings of isolation and distance from our own culture, and a moment for us all to share in the warmth and joy of being part of the South Asian diaspora.

The event will include extracts from both films, brief presentations from the film makers and plenty of time for questions and answers. It will be of interest to anyone looking to explore new and innovative ways of empowering communities in the re-interpretation of museum and gallery collections.

This online lunchtime event is open to institutional and individual members of NWFed and is free.

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